Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Self Portrait: Update

I posted an earlier version of this self-portrait last week, but after critiques from my professor and from a trusted friend I have updated it. I like it a lot more now, and I hope my professor will too when I turn it in tomorrow.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Animal studies for Drawing II Final

These animal studies were done for my Drawing II final. My assignment is to take three or more species that I drew from life at Sarasota Jungle Gardens (a small zoo in town) and combine them into a fantasy creature. I am doing a take on flying fish by combining two birds with two fish.

I am using Catalina Macaws, Violet Turacos, Common Koi, and an Albino Catfish to combine into this creature (although the eye study on bottom right is from a Blue and Gold Macaw. These were done with ballpoint pen sketches with colored pencil on top.

I am presenting my final project of this as though it is a page from a Victorian British Explorer's travel log. I'm really excited about doing this project, but I need to get my concept completely fleshed out soon, so I've been putting a lot of time into it recently.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bird Skeleton studies

These are some bird skeleton studies I did yesterday. The two wings, the leg, and the skull with vertebrae were drawn from a chicken skeleton. The other three skulls were drawn from reference photos found on They are each labeled with the bird they came from.

The text is a collection of various notes on parrots I found from books and the internet while drawing these. I am aware that the Macaw list is incomplete.

This is an additional Macaw skull that I did later that same day in a different sketchbook.